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Digital Fan Art: Umbrella - Resh Anims by LiveBot3000 Digital Fan Art: Umbrella - Resh Anims :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 1 0 Traditional Drawing + Llama badges. by LiveBot3000 Traditional Drawing + Llama badges. :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 0 0 [GIFT] Traditional Drawing - Good Friend by LiveBot3000 [GIFT] Traditional Drawing - Good Friend :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 3 3 Custom Rifle - Eagle AK-47 by LiveBot3000 Custom Rifle - Eagle AK-47 :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 1 0 Screenshot: War Robots - Golem by LiveBot3000 Screenshot: War Robots - Golem :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 0 0 Screenshot: War Robots - GI. Patton by LiveBot3000 Screenshot: War Robots - GI. Patton :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 0 0 [Update] - Darky (Profile) by LiveBot3000 [Update] - Darky (Profile) :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 1 0 The Pumpkin Killer Poster / Logo by LiveBot3000 The Pumpkin Killer Poster / Logo :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 2 0
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Gamers Guide - TeamWork, Attack / Defend 
If been playing Mobile Legend for month and and seen many people and their different or same personality.
1: Teammates -
For the love of winning place, please listen to your other allies to have and getting winning place. I've been watch some gamer playing different game on different console (LoL, Overwatch and etch multiplayer mode), I've been laying Mobile Legend and have meet different people, personality and country playing together with me in Ranked Match, please listen to your allies who playing long time from to to win in Ranked Match, helping your teammate - for me I don't care if lose or win, if I lose in Ranked Match and lost point, I've been working hard together with my teammate go to victory or defeated together with my teammate. As you know there will have bighead player who called themselves "Pro Gamer" saying 'useless teammate / [your game tag name / hero game name] you noon team', don't let those word let you down. Practic
:iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 0 0
Main Custom Mini Gun - Desert EagleEye by LiveBot3000 Main Custom Mini Gun - Desert EagleEye :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 1 0 Splatoon 2: SplatFest - Mayo vs Ketchup  by LiveBot3000 Splatoon 2: SplatFest - Mayo vs Ketchup :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 1 0 Green Techno Orb by LiveBot3000 Green Techno Orb :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 0 0 MLP - Best Friend by LiveBot3000 MLP - Best Friend :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 6 0 Splatoon OC by LiveBot3000 Splatoon OC :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 3 0 Light Shadow  by LiveBot3000 Light Shadow :iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 3 0
Light Shadow / Green Techno (L_G)
Light Shadow are Green Techno dark side.
    Green Techno lose memory and join in Phantom City for 15 years. After Green Techno completely lose control, Light Shadow appear and take over Green Techno body and make destruction to Dark City.
Power: Music Techno
Light Shadow
Food: Lava and Radioactive
Drink: Hot Milk
Music: listen to heavy song
Job: Make and use virus in technology
Green Techno / Live
Power: Emperor Of Technology
Food: western food
Drink: Hot Chocolate
Music: listen to classic and pop song
Job: Control Technology in Dark City
:iconlivebot3000:LiveBot3000 0 0


Rikku by gnitae Rikku :icongnitae:gnitae 241 20 Motivation by Screwed-Conspiracy Motivation :iconscrewed-conspiracy:Screwed-Conspiracy 22 24
Inkopolis Square NEWS TIME!
So today we are gonna take the time to talk about you, yes you our valuable members, and when i say valuable i mean it. Without you, this group will be nothing but a shell of broken memes! What ill do is ill leave a group update on the bottom of this post.
So what has happened? Well there have been a bunch of requests to share things on this journal but the one i got recently that i haven't got around too was this one by
( sorry its a bit late ^^ )  She wrote a theory on "Marinas" back story, trying to say that she left the Octolings to prove that not all Octolings are bad, but you can check her
theory out here!

Now, im sure by now you lovely squids have already set up your "isquid nanos and your Octodroids" to have a play list of ALL the splatoon 2 songs your little squiddy heart could want. BUT if you haven't, our cofounder :iconTheDragonsCove: has found a perfect solution!
:iconthesplatoongroup:TheSplatoonGroup 14 31
Splatoon 2 theory
Here is my theory on Marina's backstory and how she met pearl
I could be wrong but I guessing that Marina was once an enemy of inklings but she questions herself whether or not she should continue her role as fighting against the inklings. She feels it's pointless to wage war against inklings considering the fact the inklings have done nothing wrong to her and octarians. Sure they lost to the inklings but it's in the past. She wanted to make amends with inklings society but Dj Octavio disagreed telling her they should continue waging war against the inklings, she tried to reason with him but he didn't listen nor care. She decided to gather some octolings and octarians to make a peace with the inkling society but Dj Octavio banished her from the octo valley and she ended up being in Inkopolis Square. The inklings were afraid of her but she tried to tell them she meant no harm but they didn't believe her so they treated her as an outcast but she was determined to prove that not all octar
:iconjazmir97:Jazmir97 7 12
Free dragon poses by BronzeHalo Free dragon poses :iconbronzehalo:BronzeHalo 2,000 65 Dragon Anatomy Reference Sheet by KyriaDori Dragon Anatomy Reference Sheet :iconkyriadori:KyriaDori 5,134 130 MLP Mafia by ss2sonic MLP Mafia :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 2,932 573 Walking in Nature by VioletInkling Walking in Nature :iconvioletinkling:VioletInkling 57 15 you're a skid, you're a quid by bleedman you're a skid, you're a quid :iconbleedman:bleedman 1,708 33 Edmond Dashie by geraritydevillefort Edmond Dashie :icongeraritydevillefort:geraritydevillefort 75 19 Wallpaper Edmond Dashie by geraritydevillefort Wallpaper Edmond Dashie :icongeraritydevillefort:geraritydevillefort 87 4 The Pony of Monte Cristo Color Guide by geraritydevillefort The Pony of Monte Cristo Color Guide :icongeraritydevillefort:geraritydevillefort 122 8 Squid Sisters Squelfie (Squid Selfie) by SquidHentai Squid Sisters Squelfie (Squid Selfie) :iconsquidhentai:SquidHentai 455 21 Stick fighter by C3WhiteRose Stick fighter :iconc3whiterose:C3WhiteRose 117 110 Zetabrand wallpaper by C3WhiteRose Zetabrand wallpaper :iconc3whiterose:C3WhiteRose 97 15 Marie by Reillyington86 Marie :iconreillyington86:Reillyington86 66 4



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i'm so honor if you support me and do my best to improve my drawing

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Digital Fan Art: Umbrella - Resh Anims
Sorry about Umbrella eye radiation, not well good enough to draw it.
This looks like well good enough poster of Umbrella.

Art - LiveBot3000
Umbrella - Resh Anims (Hyun's Dojo Member)
Traditional Drawing + Llama badges.
**lazy ass traditional drawing.**

I need to improve my deviation and MLP deviation drawing. Yes, I'm brony and entrance brony community in AskMLA deviation (dont care if you say it's gay or what #respectanyfandomcommunity)

I don't drawing stick man so well because I only using my cellphone device to copyrighted from traditional drawing to digital drawing. I NEED and have to get my own PC that I don't have belong anymore... If I have my own PC and make stick man, hope I could joining Hyun's Dojo collaboration.. I want join them badly but I don't have any material..
I hope I will drawing my stickman art better and will join professional stickman animator in Hyun's Dojo in future...

(Thanks you so much for 15 Llama badges.. I think.. Don't believe my MLP deviation having 34 Llama badges..)
[GIFT] Traditional Drawing - Good Friend
Traditional drawing gift for BabyWitherBoo

Thanks to watch and being my close friend. Thank also for teach me about commission paid type. Sorry for this lame traditional drawing. I using different android and I can't make digital drawing properly because it's being crazy and my android (broken plug)
I will make in digital next time, hope we could work together in future. 😁

**busy in Splatoon deviation - The-Ink-Team



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

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I've been watch video, playing different GamePlay from YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter an even Tumblr. I don't understand why you guys wanted easy way to win by using hack mode??

For me, I'm normal player and been killed by many hacker. If someone out there Hacked GamePlay to easy win, are you coward to fight against high level player?? Its true, it's maybe bad losing every single GamePlay by High Level Player or Newbie, it's mean that will give you some motivation and inspiration to keep your hard working to win useful by being normal player. If someone report or getting banned by bring hacker, that really shame on you, your reputation will down and don't have inspiration or motivated to be professional Gaming.

If there was Hacker Gaming out there, do not hack. Play as normal player and clean win.


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Live_Green - Traditional Drawing


Simple Digital Art or Tradisional Art
I hope i can give my best drawing to whoever donate to me.


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